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Cabaret Voltaire -- Chris & Cosey -- Clock DVA -- Coil -- Controlled Bleeding -- Pascal Comelade -- Crash Worship -- Einstürzende Neubauten -- Esplendor Geometrico -- The Fall -- Gerechtigkeits Liga -- The Haters -- Hunting Lodge --  Illusion of Safety -- Joy Division -- Konstruktivits -- The Leather Nun -- Lustmord -- MB -- Nocternal Emissions -- Nurse With Wound -- Jim O'Rourke -- Portion Control -- Psychic TV -- The Psychic Workshop -- Boyd Rice -- Severed Heads -- Shame Exposure -- SPK -- Throbbing Gristle -- Wire -- Various Artists
Focus on HUNTING LODGE -- Interview -- Discography -- SM Operations History -- About the cover of Nomad Souls 

Cabaret Voltaire: 1974-1976 Industrial Records Cassette IRC35 C-90
(The Dada Man, Ooraseal, A Sunday Night in Biot, In Quest of the Unusual, Do The Snake, Fade Crisis, Doubled Delivery, Venusian Animals, The Outer Limits, She Loved You.)

This cassette is a selection of material recorded by Cabaret Voltaire during their earlier and formative years of existence. All the recordings were done in an attic 10 feet by 6 feet, on a domestic reel-to-reel tape recorder. A number of the recordings here were part of those that made up the now legendary Limited Edition released by Cabaret Voltaire in 1976.


Cabaret Voltaire: "Beat Rail" 1976 The Limited Edition Release C-60 ©
(Capsules, Fuse Mountain, Dream Sequence 1,2, Do The Snake, Shadows, Dream Sequence 3, Venusian Animals, Is That Me (Finding Someone at the Door Again?), One Track, Other Track, Outer Limits.)

This cassette was issued in a Limited Edition of 25 and duplicated one at a time. It was originally packaged with a Xeroxed sleeve, a track listing and some photos.


Cabaret Voltaire: Outer Limits Demo (1976) C-60 ©
(Capsules, Is That Me (Finding Someone at the Door Again)? Ooraseal, Loves in Vein, Dream Sequence 1, Dream Sequence 2, Do the Snake, A Sunday Night in Biot, She Loves You, Stolen From Spectra, Bedtime Stories)


Cabaret Voltaire: Western Works Demos 1977-1979 C-90 ©
Baader Meinhof, (1978) No Escape, Photophobia, The Set-Up, A Minute is a Lifetime, (1979) Kirlian Photograph, Nag, Nag, Nag, ExpectNothing, Loves in Vein, Do the Mussolini (Headkick), Here She Comes Now, Capsules, Talkover, Control Addict, Oh Roger, Heaven and Hell, Havoc)


Cabaret Voltaire: Private Tape From CV Library C-45 ©
(Photophobia, The Set-Up, A Minute is a Lifetime, Nag, Nag, Nag, Is That Me (Finding Someone at the Door Again), Expect Nothing, Kirlian Photograph, Oh Roger (Live)


Cabaret Voltaire: Dance Decayed/Dance Decade '78-'79 C-50 ©
(No Escape (Live), Photophobia, The Set Up (Live), A Minute is a Lifetime,
Expect Nothing, Talkover, Here She Comes Now, Capsules, Do the Mussolini (Headkick), Oh Roger.)


Cabaret Voltaire: Chance Vs. Casualty Soundtrack 1979 C-45 ©

Extremely rare music from an equally rare film. An extract was used on the B-Side of the "Silent Command" single released by Rough Trade in 1979.


Cabaret Voltaire: Final Solution '79? C-45 © (Introduction by Lydia Lunch.)
(Voice of America, Kirlian Photograph, This is Entertainment, Kneel to the Boss, On Every Other Street, Expect Nothing, Seconds to Late, Nag, Nag, Nag,? Obsession)


Cabaret Voltaire: Leeds Queens Hall "Futurama" Festival 9/8/79 C-45 ©
(Kirlian Photograph, Nag, Nag, Nag, Capsules, Expect Nothing, The Set-Up,
On Every Other Street, Here She Comes Now, Havoc, No Escape)


Cabaret Voltaire: Rheinterrassen, Bonn, West Germany 9/20/80 C-60 ©
(Voice of America, ?, This Is Entertainment, On Every Other Street, Kneel to the
Boss, Nag, Nag, Nag, Seconds to Late, Western Mantra)


Cabaret Voltaire: Amsterdam, "Paradiso" 9/24/80 C-45 ©
(Kneel to the Boss, This is Entertainment, On Every Other Street, Seconds to Late,
Here She Comes Now, No Escape, Western Mantra)


Cabaret Voltaire: London, Clarendon Hotel 9/26/80 C-30 ©
(?, On Every Other Street, Kneel to the Boss, This is Entertainment, Seconds to Late, Obsession (cuts out)


Cabaret Voltaire: London ICA "Rock Week" 12/30/80 C-60 ©
(Intro, On Every Other Street, This Is Entertainment, Your Agent Man, Nag, Nag, Nag, Kneel to the Boss, Seconds to Late, Sluggin' For Jesus (Part One), A Thousand Ways)


Cabaret Voltaire: Live at the Lyceum 2/8/81 Rough Trade 002
(Taxi Music, Seconds to Late, Your Agent Man, Untitled, Sluggin' fer Jesus, Kneel to the Boss, Obsession, A Thousand Ways.)

This cassette was recorded live on a Sony Walkman at the Lyceum, London on the night of February 8, 1981. A Rough Tapes cassette release.


Cabaret Voltaire: Nottingham, "Rock City" 5/26/82 C-60 ©
(Eddie's Out, Over and Over, This is Entertainment, ?, Gut Level, Diskono, ?, Walls of Kyoto, Doublevision)


Cabaret Voltaire: Brussels 10/8/82 C-60 ©


Cabaret Voltaire: London, Brixton Ritzy Cinema, "Final Academy" 10/1/82 C-30 ©

(No Track listing - Improvised Set)


Cabaret Voltaire: London, England "Electric Ballroom" 8/18/83 C-60 ©
(Kino, Dream Ticket, 24-24, In The Shadows, Why Kill Time, Just Fascination, Talking Time, Animation, Crackdown, Product Patrol) Sound Problems


Cabaret Voltaire: London, England, Hammersmith Palais 12/2/84 C-90 ©
(Intro, Animation, Big Funk, Sensoria, Digital Rasta, Wake Up, Ghost Talk, Sleepwalking, Kino, Do Right, Outro)


Richard H. Kirk: Disposable Half-Truths, Industrial Records Cassette IRC34 C-60
(Synesthesia, Outburst, Information Therapy, Magic Words Command, Thermal Damage, Plate Glass Replicas, Insect Friends of Allah, Scatalist, False Erotic Love, L.D.50, L.D.60, Amnesic Disassociation.)


Monte Cazazza: At Leeds Fan Club/Scala, London/Oundle School IRC28 C-60
(First Last, Distress, Kick That Habit Man, To Mom On Mother's Day, Mary Bell, Sperm Song and some instrumentals.)


Chris & Cosey: Zurich "Houdini" 5/25/83 C-45 ©


Chris & Cosey: Berlin "Metropol Loft" 6/27/83 C-50 ©


Chris & Cosey: Columbus, Ohio "Staches" 5/1/86 C-45


Chris & Cosey: Allotropy, Staaltape STUS:00N C-45


Chris Carter: The Space Between, Industrial Records Cassette IRC32 C-90

"The Space Between" was Chris Carter's first solo endeavor and was originally released in 1980. The tracks were recorded between 1977 and 1980 at the studios of Industrial Records and Throbbing Gristle. It originally came with a small leaflet and had no track titles. It was later re-mastered in May of 1983 at Studio 47 London and released on Third Mind's Tone Death Tapes. Later in May of 1991 it was digitally re-mastered and edited for a CD release on Mute complete with titles.


Cosey Fanni Tutti: Time to Tell, Flowmotion no # C-30

This solo effort by Cosey Fanni Tutti was originally released as a cassette on the Flowmotion label run by Ian Dobson in the early eighties. This initial release also came with a very informative and heavily illustrated booklet covering Cosey's career. It has since been released on CD by Conspiracy International CTI complete with a booklet, extra tracks and a set of 25 postcards. This too is now out of print.


Clock DVA: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre C-30 ©

Clock DVA line up 1: Recorded approximately in late 1977 to early 1978. This tape consists not surprisingly of "treated" extracts from the soundtrack to the film of the same name. It lasts 30 minutes and is very strange listening, a totally non-musical bizarre sound collage.


Clock DVA: Demos 1978-1979 C-90 ©
Demos 1978: Time & The Female Mirror, Edge, 1958, Sexual Overture, Constructivists, Genitals & Genesis. Demos 1979: No.2, Cage, You're Without Sound, Le Viol, Formlessness, Prepared Piano, Brigade (cut-ups).


Clock DVA: Texture/The Tape/Fragments C-90 ©
"Texture of Two Tape Recordings" May/June 1978: 1958, Now Haag, Constructivists, Genitals & Genesis. "The Tape" December 1978: Time & The Female Mirror, Edge, 1958, Sexual Overture. "Group Fragments" August and September 1979: No.2, Cage, You're Without Sound, Le Viol, Formlessness, Prepared Piano.


Clock DVA: "Group Fragments" 1979 Demo C-30 ©
(No.2, Cage, You're Without Sound, Le Viol, Formlessness, Prepared Piano.)


Clock DVA: Demo Tapes #3 and #4 C-60 ©
(3rd Demo: 1958, Otto M. 4th Demo: Female Mirror, Edge (For You), 1958, Sexual Overture (Le Viol), Constructivists. 3rd Demo: For You, 1958, Now Haag, Constructivists, Genitals & Genesis (Film Soundtrack)).


Clock DVA: White Souls in Black Suits, Industrial Records Cassette IRC31 C-60
(Consent, Discontentment, Still/Silent, Non, Relentless, Contradict (film soundtrack keyboards assemble themselves at dawn), Anti-Chance.)

This cassette only release was later released on vinyl in Italy on the Expanded Music label. The mail order version of this cassette also included a booklet.


Clock DVA: "Agony" Demo/ Live Leeds Fan Club 2/24/80 C-90 ©
("Agony" Demo: No.2, Cage, You're Without Sound, Brigade (x2).
(Live Leeds Fan Club 2/24/80: 1958,Otto M, Moral War, You're Without Sound,
Blue Tone, My Allen Jones, Four Hours,?, Brigade, 15x)

The "Agony" Demo was recorded at Western Works studio in October 1979. It consisted of Clock DVA (lineup 5). The "Live at Leeds" show was recorded by Industrial Records (who also played that night) but not released.


Clock DVA: London, Heaven 5/30/83 C-45 ©
(Tortured Heroine, Beautiful Losers,?, Eternity in Paris, Resistance, Dark Encounter, The Secret Life of the Big Black Suit, Beautiful Losers.)


Coil: Demos 1983 C-55 ©

No set list, but this is the earliest Coil demo. Includes "Boy in a Suitcase","The Wheel", and several other (mostly instrumental) tracks. Great creepy sound manipulation.


Coil: "Live" Berlin 12/3/83 & London 8/4/83 C-45 ©


Coil: Magenta, London, 8/4/83 C-35 ©

Same show as above but this is a better copy. "Silence and Secrecy" is about 15 minutes of very loud cricket noises with other noises, then other pieces. This is the entire show, not just the excerpt on the Transparent CD.


Coil: Backwards Demos, 1993 C-50 ©
(Heaven's Blade, In My Blood, Wir-Click-Wir, Elves, Simenon, Spastiche, Crumb Time, March of Time (cut?), this tape also includes two additional mystery tracks: Bee Has the Photos (different version of Simenon) and Egyptian Bases)

Original studio demo tape for the "International Dark Skies" album for Nothing Records. The album has been on hold for years now, although Coil does promise to release it eventually in an altered form.


Coil: Love's Secret Demise, 1993 C-30 ©
(Further Back and Faster (alternate mix 1), Dark River, Windowpane (remixed with Dark River), Teenage Lightning 2, Titan Arch, Scope, Chaostrophe, Love's Secret Domain, Further Back and Faster (alternate mix 2)

I was told this was a live show at Bar Maldorer, ca 1993 from the "Loves Secret Domain" period. This sounds to me like a collection of remixes and alternate takes.


Controlled Bleeding: Self Titled, Triple X Label, USA


Controlled Bleeding: Shitslipper, Triple X Label, USA


Controlled Bleeding: "Demo's" C-60 (Studio)


Controlled Bleeding: "Live" at the Limelight, NYC '88 C-30 ©


Pascal Comelade: Logique Du Sens, Tago Mago Camouflage 001
(un portrait de catherine 1, un portrait de catherine 2, winter rain, fragments/accidents, le malediction du pharaon, un crime parfait, antoni gaudi, liebeslied, the curious sofa, sentimientos.) Released in 1983 (France) Limited Edition 500


Pascal Comelade: Milano Enarmonisto, ADN Tape 05
Side One with the Bel Canto Orchestra "Live" 1983, Side Two is Pascal Comelade solo material from 1982/1983. Released in 1984 (Italy)


Pascal Comelade: Barcelona "KGB" 5/16/87 C-50 ©
A "Live" performance with the Bel Canto Orchestra


Crash Worship: This, a Rocco Fresco tape no# C-45
(10,000 Things, Spiral Vein, Madon, Ashen Waters, Starring, Karezza, Rainbird, Flow (The Catatonic Dance), Starring.)


Crash Worship: "Live" Barking Spider Tavern, Cleveland, Ohio 7/4/91 C-45 ©


Einsturzende Neubauten: Stahldubversions RIP 6 (Germany) C-20
(Rohrbombe, Futuristischer Dub, Sado-Masodub, Liebesdub, Spinnagdub, Mikrobendub, Gastarbeiterdub, Rivieradub, Lunebest.)


Einsturzende Neubauten: "Live"- Aufnahmen 7/81-2/82 RIP 7 C-30
(Sehnsucht, U Haft, Schatten, Pygmaen, Schwarz/Einsame Wolfin, Schlangensohn, NN, Gestohlenes Band (ORF), Kollaps, Bochum (Publikum)

Record Partner in Hamburg, Germany made both RIP Tapes in Germany. RIP 6 is studio material while RIP 7 is "Live" material recorded at different locations in Germany.


Einsturzende Neubauten: 2 x 4, Roir Cassettes #A-133
(Fleisch "Blut/Haut" Knochen, Sehnsucht (Nie Mehr), Womb, Krach Der Schlagenden Herzen, Armenisch Bitter, Zum Tier Machen, Sehnsucht (Still Stehend), Durstige Tiere.)


Esplendor Geometrico: "EG1" Datenverarbeitung data 0011 C-60


Esplendor Geometrico: "Live" Barcelona "KGB" 10/4/87 C-30 ©


The Fall: Tower Club, Oldham, UK 8/21/78 C-60 ©
(Repetition, Like to Blow, Frightened, Stepping Out, Mess of My, It’s the N, Various Times, Futures and Pasts, Bingo Masters Breakout, Industrial Estate, Psycho Mafia, Mother-Sister, Music Scene)


The Fall: Mr. Pickwick’s, Liverpool, UK 8/22/78 C-60 ©
(Like to Blow, Steppin’ Out, Two Steps Back, Mess of My, The New Other Thing, Various Times, Bingo Masters Breakout, Frightened, Industrial Estate, Psycho Mafia, Music Scene, Mother-Sister)


The Fall: Rare and Unreleased + Peel Sessions 1978-1981 C-90 ©
(Brand New Cadillac, ESP Disco, Hey! Fascist, I’m into C.B., Jazzed up Punk Shirt, My Condition, Pop Sticker, Session Musician, Surrogate Mirage, Peel Sessions 6/15/78 Futures and Pasts, Mother Sister, Rebellious Jukebox, Industrial Estate, 9/24/80 Container Drivers, Jawbone and the Air Rifle, New Puritan, A New Face in Hell, 3/31/81 Middlemass, Lie Dream of a Casino Soul, C’n’C Hassle-Schmuck)


The Fall: "Live" in New Jersey 1981 C-75 ©
( J. Temperance, Deer Park, Leave the Capitol, Fortress, Totally Wired, Hip Priest, 2nd Dark Age, Fantastic Lie, Casino Soul, Fit and Working Again, Jawbone and the Air Rifle, Session Musicians, Container Drivers, Middle Mass, Pink Press Threat)

This tape is a copy of a soundboard tape that was plundered from Mark E Smiths stash. Good crankin’ performance with a few dropouts here and there. Edits by Mark E. Smith.


Gerechtigkeits Liga: "Live" Bielefeld, "AJZ" 9/10/83 C-45 ©


Gerechtigkeits Liga: "Live" in Antwerpen 2 tape Double Pack C-90 ©
(Tape 1: voice and sound documents at Radio Central 7/22/84)
(Tape 2: Live at the Tom Tom Club, Antwerpen, Belgium 7/22/84)


The Haters: "anational" Xkurzhen XK13 C-60
(Elimfe, Cocton, Prouts, Diatting)


Hunting Lodge: Harrington Ballroom 090482 C-60
(Icepick Method, By the Blood of Others, Ecce Qui Tollis Peccatta Mundi, Sonderkommando, Four Horsemen, Astral Bell, Mrs. Hagar, Simulation/Stimulation, Gone the Way of All Flesh.)


Hunting Lodge: Exhumed, Datenverarbeitung data 0023
(Exhume, Simulation/Stimulation, Shadow Out of Time, By the Blood of Others, Will, EQTPM, Post Conception Planning, Astral Bell.)

This cassette was recorded between October 23, 1982 and February 01,1983 at S/M Operations Studios. Produced by Hunting Lodge. Tracks 2,4 & 6 were previously released on the 23 Minutes of Murder tape.


Hunting Lodge: "Live" at the Lodge +, Day 91 1983 C-60


Hunting Lodge: "The Harvest", Triple X, XXX-016
(Astral Bell, Tribal Warning Shot, Is That Right, Rhythm Cage, Born of Fire, Night
From Night, Voodoo Eclipse, God Loves the Rock Stars, Learn to Will, EQTPM, Banishing Dirge.)


Hunting Lodge: Chicago "Club 950", 11/01/84 C-40 ©
(Intro, Tribal Warning Shot, Is That Right, God Loves the Rock Stars, Born of Fire, Beautiful Ugly, Stellazine Shuffle, Banishing Dirge.)


Hunting Lodge: Denver "Art Dept", 11/02/84 C-45 ©
(Intro, Tribal Warning Shot, God Loves the Rock Stars, Born of Fire, Beautiful Ugly,
The Wolf Hour, Stellazine Shuffle, Banishing Dirge.)


Hunting Lodge: Detroit "Composite Hall", 7/14/84 C-50 ©
(?, Beautiful Ugly, Born of Fire, Night From Night, Voodoo Eclipse, ?, God Loves the Rock Stars, The Wolf Hour, Banishing Dirge)


Hunting Lodge: Oklahoma City, OK. "Blue Note," 11/13/88 C-60 ©


S/M Operations, At the Harrington Ballroom, Day 253, 1983 C-60


Lon C. Diehl: "Untitled" solo tape by Hunting Lodge founding member C-30


Illusion of Safety: The Best of Illusion of Safety and Dead Tech, CPC-8 C-60
(Catalovox, Extreme State of Fear, Ethical Nihilism, Religious Sexual Spasm, Mother, Got Me on the Run, You Figure it Out/Anger and Hatred Are Very Powerful Emotions, 300 Gallon Loop, Cast it to the Potter, Feel the Steel, James, So You Think About It, Music Without a Film, Confusion, Who's in Charge?, Frustrated by Distortions.)


Illusion of Safety: Violence and Geography, Complacency CPC-13, C-50
(Katalavox, Haydn and the Jets, Deadgirl and the Man (Trunk of the Car Over the Weekend), Fade-N-Die, Untitled, Idealism After Six, Diseased Mind, Flesh Binge, Get in That Room Eliam, Technical, The Headache, Eyelids.)


Illusion of Safety: "Live", 6/6/89 "No Other Radio Presents" C-90 ©


Joy Division: Warsaw, The Unreleased Album 1978, C-60
(All of This For You, They Walk in Line, Failures, Novelty, No Love Lost, Excite No One, Insight, She's Lost Control, Transmission, Living in the Ice Age, Interzone, Warsaw, Shadowplay, John Peel Sessions: Exercise One, Sound of Music, Love Will Tear Us Apart.)


Joy Division: Amsterdam "Paradiso" 1/11/80 C-60 ©
(Passover, Wilderness, Digital, Day of the Lords, Insight, New Dawn Fades, Disorder, Transmission, Love Will Tear Us Apart, These Days, A Means To An End, 24 Hours)


Joy Division: Warehouse, Preston February 28, 1980 C-50 ©
(Incubation, Wilderness, 24 Hours, The Eternal, Heart and Soul, Shadowplay, Transmission, Disorder, Warsaw, Colony, Interzone, She's Lost Control)


Joy Division: A Retrospective – Part 2 C-60
(Atmosphere, Interzone, Sound of Music, Candidate, New Dawn Fades, Transmission, She’s Lost Control, Interzone, Atmosphere, Warsaw, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Wilderness, 24 Hours, These Days, You’re No Good For Me)

This is an Italian import bootleg made by Stick-and Roll Records in 1987. All the tracks are compiled from different sources and includes outtakes, sound checks and other various live recordings.


Joy Division: Black Session, Les Bains Douches, Paris 12/18/79 C-40 (c)
(Disorder, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Insight, Shadowplay, Transmission, New Dawn Fades, 24 Hours (edit), These Days, A Means To An End)

This Tape is from an FM broadcast and includes a DJ introduction as well as commentary.


Konstruktivits: Psykho Genetika II, Harsh Reality Music HR09, C-60
(Mansonik (Version), Mansonik No.3, PTI the 2nd, Her Exit, Black December, The Theme, Open Signs, Film-O-Sonik (Version), Alone, Intro, Industrial Surrealist, Necropolis, Tuxedomoon.)


Konstruktivits: Spanish Movements, Harsh Reality HR11, C-90
(Tudor Forest, Third International, Desire Part 1, Desire Part 2, Joeboy, Espana Viva Granada, El Bluesay, Grey Wolves, Nonplus, Nonplus 2, Ice, Video Musica, Industrial Surrealist, Necropolis, Your Song, Our Song 1, Our Song 2.)


Konstruktivits: "Live" at the King Charles Ballroom, Harsh Reality HR46, C-60
Side A:
May 3rd 1985, Kontakt, After The Summer, Lunatik
Side B: May 11th 1985, What Would You Say, Kontakt 2, After Thee Winter, Lunatik 2.)


Konstruktivits: The Last Moments of 1923, Harsh Reality HR105, C-60
(Devil's Triangle, Last Post, Post Mortem, Eraserhead, 23rd Trip, Real Surreal, Attack/You, Autoghosts, We Hear All, Francis Bacon, Black on Black, Assault on Precinct 13.)


Konstrucktivits: Excerpts from "Forbidden" 1991 C-30 ©
(Housewife's Choice, Tic Tac Toe, Friendly Fire, Hurts So Good, Garden of Eden, She Loves It.) Recorded at The Square, Harlow, Essex, England 2/28/91-3/2/91


Konstruktivits: N.K.V.D Compilation, Audiofile Tapes AT77 C-90
(Twilight Run, Odin, Omen, Vagina Dentata Organ (VDO), Piece 1 (N.K.V.D.), Romance 23, My Tears, Helter Skelter (N.K.V.D.), Sex Dub (VDO), 4 Minute Warning (N.K.V.D), Shoot Your Neighbor (VDO), Almost In Time (N.K.V.D.), Aftermath, Echoes and Mirabilist, The White Winds, Chorale of Last Moments, Lard Free Chorale, Orange Hymn, Theme From "A Clockwork Orange", Lovers of Libra

This tape consists of unreleased music from 1981-1982 by N.K.V.D.,Konstruktivits and Vagina Dentata Organ. All tracks are by the Konstruktivits unless stated otherwise. Released on Audiofile in 1989.


The Leather Nun: Industrial Record Cassette IR27 C-60 ©
(Prime Mover, No Rule, I'm Alive, Here Comes Life, Ensam I Natt, Varfor Svek Du Search and Destroy, Slow Death.)


Lustmord "Live Evil", Sterile Records Cassette SRC6 C-60
(Alive Assaults/Studio "Who's Been Sleeping in My Head...")


Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.): SFAG, Flowmotion No# C-60


MB: Voyeur Tape, YHR, YHR005, 1980 C-60 ©


MB: Cold Tape, YHR, YHR006, 1980 C-60 ©


MB: Technology C-60 ©


MB: Technology 2 C-60 ©


Nocturnal Emissions: Deathday, Sterile SRC3, "Live" at the Cave, Corsham, Wiltshire 5/23/81


Nocturnal Emissions: Whiskey 23.5.82, Sterile SRC5, "Live" at the Whiskey a Go Go, London, England, May 23rd 1982 C-45


Nocturnal Emissions: Dyskinesia, Sterile SRC7, Studio and Live recordings C-60
(Delgado Monkey Torture, Too Many Wounded, Body Count, Going Under, Suffering Stinks, Bloodbath, Rabbits Don't Cry, We Are Getting Closer, Wee Wee Wee, Human Leeg, Mumbo Jumbo (From the Lie Factory), Theme Musik


Nocturnal Emissions: Rheinterrassen, Bonn, W. Germany 7/22/83 C-60 ©


Nocturnal Emissions: Hamburg, W. Germany 7/31/83 C-45 ©


Nocturnal Emissions: Metropol-Loft, Berlin, W. Germany 8/5/83 C-45 ©


Nocturnal Emissions: The Fight Goes On, Staaltape 00D N.L.Centrum C-45
(Mental Frames, Rusting Shells, In Our Time, God on God, Uprising (instrumental version)

Staaltape made recordings of the N.L.Centrum performances and released them as a special edition, the documentation series.


Nocturnal Emissions: Duty Experiment 1982-1984 Years, Soleilmoon Sol 5
(Fat Slimy Parasites, Iron Doors, MK Ultra, Tanks In Gdansk, Whine & Dine, 10 Million Tourists, Concentration Theme, Don't Believe Its Over.)


Nocturnal Emissions: World Turning, SSS40 C-60
(T' Cow's Yed, Surfs, Nightjar, World Turning, Hi De Hi, Birds.)

This tape was recorded live at the Birmingham Lofts, Pittsburgh, PA on March 21, 1991 during their US tour.


Nurse With Wound/The Hafler Trio: untitled, Staaltape 00M C-45


Jim O'Rourke: Remove the Need, CPC-19 C-90


Portion Control: Shot in the Belly, Third Mind, TMT37 C-35 ©
(Glamour, Kicked in the Head, Strapped Down, Suck and Blow, Pump Pulse, Sentenced to Die, Heavy Sex, Stabbed in the Back, Elektrotechniek, Return To-Version)


Portion Control: "Assault" Live Hilversum, Holland 1982, ALL1 C-45 ©
(He is Patriotic, Sure is Kinda Spooky, Sex Crimes, Out of Order, Sex Drive, Plateau Stage, All Present and Correct, Mass Disorder, Sort Out)


Psychic TV: Interview Tape, WZBC Boston, 4/21/84, Triple X C-40

Genesis and occasionally John Gosling interviewed by a Boston College DJ.  Gen is in town for some kind of media assault/TV ritual as opposed to a musical performance.  He describes the ideas, and also plays some cuts, including part of the Jim Jones LP and the Sordide Sentimentale version of "Roman P".  Sometimes the sound is distorted


Psychic TV: "When lone wolves gather…." Hamburg, 9/16/84, ddd-t01 C-90
(Includes….Enochian Calls, Love Damage, Godstar, Ov Power, Thee Shining, Jungle)


Psychic TV: Znegerb ni evil C-50 ©
( B-Earth, "Whatever you are is a mirror of what we are", Ajna Command Centre, Root Base, One’s Own, Jewel City, Unstruck Sound, Rub Out)

This tape is the forward version of the Bregenz album from the live series, which was issued backwards.


Psychic TV: Psychedelic Violence C-90 ©
(Tune In (Turn on the Acid House), Riot in the Eye (Live), Hello, Enjoy Your Body, Jump Thee Gun, Interzone, Sex Star I, I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Live), Psychick TV Themes part VIII, Are You Experienced?, Good Vibrations (Kundalini Mix), Kondole, Dogstar, New Sexuality, Trained To Kill, Blue Heart, Finale)


Psychic TV: Acid Radio 4/4/88 "Live Mix" on L.A. Radio C-90
(Genesis P Orridge, Paula P Orridge and Don Bolles "Live" mix on L.A. Radio)


Psychic TV: Cleveland, Ohio "Phantasy" 10/19/88 2xC-60


Psychic TV: Direction Ov Travel C-45 ©


Genesis P-Orridge/Stan Bingo: What's History, Nekrophile NRC 02 C-45


The Psychic Workshop: Transmissions of Decadence, PWC005 C-60
(The Golden Cause, Swarm, Nothingness, Apocalypse, Power Fuck, Richard’s Therapy (Live), Psychic Attack)


Boyd Rice/Non: Live and Pagan Musick + Sick Tour C-90 ©
Live in London 1984, Pagan Musick A reworking of Pagan Muzak with speeds 33 & 45 rpm with central and offset spindle (use balance control), "Non-Disco Mix" source material Boyd Rice, NON Sick Tour "Live in Staalplaat" 3/8/85)


Boyd Rice/NON: ICA, London, 3/20/85 w/ Frank Tovey C-35 ©


Boyd Rice/NON: Gilman St., Berkely, CA 5/27/88 C-20 ©


Boyd Rice: "Talkback" with Bob Larson (Interview), C-45 ©


Severed Heads: Blubberknife, Ink Tapes IT 00A C-90
(Adolf A Carrot?,Rocket Summer (Live at Stranded Nightclub April ’82), Deano’s Couch, An American in Paris, Tarzan’s Grip, Umbrella, Lower Than The Grave, J. Edgar Hoover/C.M.I.D.+ (Live at Killayoni Club March ’82), Ad Infinitum)


Severed Heads: Clean, 1981 C-45 ©
(Food City, Our Own Home, Charivari, Nightsong, Car Advert, Love/Don’t Saxophone, Book, Tiny Fingers, Heavily Tattooed Men and Women, Violins and Moonlight)


Severed Heads: Ear Bitten, 1979/1980, C-100 ©
(All Rights Reserved, God Factory, Hawaii/Torso/97 Cigarettes, Acid Fur, Dance, New York is a Lonely Town, ?, outtakes… Much About Bones, For Garry, The Monkey is Safe, Knives and Forks, The Man of my Dreams, Hello Donald Merry Xmas, Never Fall in Love, Nazi Beach Party, Scat, Rhobo, Rotund For Success outtakes 1989-Lovesick (Fascist Meathead Version), Big Car (Nuisance Phonecall Mix), Bombs Fell)


Severed Heads: Misc. Recordings 1980-1982+ extras C-90 ©
(Inch Urch, Anthem 82, Big Eats, Touch, Prototype Pop, A Day in the Country, Cowboy Muzak, Dressed in Air, Russian Rifles, These are the Words, Petrol (M Squared version), Zglutz performance, Sydney Quads and the Megascope Space Probe, Elephant Decibels, Give Evelyn Everything, Saturday Night, Special Day extras… Coklamaximus ‘98, Pleasure ’98, Guests Ozone Version ’84, Cracking on Rough ’84, Sophisticated ’84)


Shame Exposure: Biohazard/Isolation, C-46
(Biohazard was recorded live 4/1/83 at the Lodge in Port Huron, Michigan and the Isolation side is a random collection of matter, incomplete and untitled)

Shame Exposure was an early Industrial artist from Port Huron, Michigan and opened up for Hunting Lodge during their early formative years. This is his only known release.


SPK: Heaven, London, England 12/23/80 C-30 ©
(Emanation Machine R. Gie 1916, Suture Obsession, Macht Schrecken, Epilept: Convulse, Retard,?)


SPK: The Crypt, Paddington, London 4/25/81 C-45 ©
(Berufsverbot, Emanation Machine R. Gie 1916, Ground Zero: Infinity Dose, Stammheim Torturkammer, Serenace, "John",?)


SPK: San Francisco, Oddfellows Hall 5/16/81 C-60 ©
(Berufsverbot, Emanation Machine R. Gie 1916, Ground Zero: Infinity Dose, Stammheim Torturkammer, Serenace, "John", ?, The Last Night of Tibet)

This was their first USA concert. Monte Cazzaza made the mixing desk recording. My copy seems to be an audience recording. I also have a copy of a "Live" in LA concert dated May '81 but they did not play LA and upon listening to it and comparing them, it is the same show.


SPK: Brickwerks, Sydney, Australia 3/6/82 C-90 ©
(Genetik Transmission, Napalm/Terminal Patient, Post Mortem, Desolation, Cry from the Sanatorium, Israel, Internal Bleeding, Chamber Music, Despair, Day of Pigs, Maladia Europa, Wars of Islam, A Heart That Breaks (In No Time or Place), Serenace)


SPK: Al's Bar, Los Angeles, USA 4/24/82 C-90 ©
(Genetik Transmission, Napalm/Terminal Patient, Post Mortem, Desolation, Cry from the Sanatorium, Internal Bleeding, Israel, Baby Blue Eyes, Chamber Music, Despair, Day of Pigs, Maladia Europa, Wars of Islam, A Heart That Breaks, Serenace, The Agony of the Plasma, Walking on Dead Steps)


SPK: Last Attempt at Paradise, Off the Wall Hall, Lawrence, Kansas 4/28/82 C-60
(Maladia Europa (The European Sickness), Suture Obsession, Berufsverbot, Metal Field, A Heart That Breaks, Cry From the Sanatorium, Ground Zero: Infinity Dose, Wars of Islam, Walking on Dead Steps, Despair, Serenace)


SPK: Walker Art Center, Mpls. USA 5/1/82 C-60 ©
(Suture Obsession, Berufsverbot, Metal Field, Walking on Dead Steps, Despair)


SPK: Seventh Street Entry, Mpls. USA 5/4/82 C-30 ©
(Maladia Europa (The European Sickness), Suture Obsession, Beruftsverbot, Metal Field,A Heart Breaks That Breaks, Cry From the Sanatorium, Ground Zero: Infinity Dose)


SPK: Club C.O.D., Chicago, USA 5/6/82 C-60? ©


SPK: Heaven, London, England 10/31/82 C-45 ©
(Maladia Europa, Suture Obsession, Berufsverbot, Metal Field, A Heart That Breaks, Wars of Islam, Walking on Dead Steps, Despair)


SPK: Berlin, SO36 Club 11/19/82 C-45 ©
(Maladia Europa, Berufsverbot, Metal Field, A Heart That Breaks, The Agony of the Plasma, Wars of Islam, Walking on Dead Steps, Despair)


SPK: Dankkert, Hamburg, W.Germany 11/26/82 C-45 ©


SPK: Sala Borromini, Rome, Italy 12/11/82 C-60 ©
(?,?,?, The Kult of the Human Head, The Agony of the Plasma, Wars of Islam, Walking on Dead Steps, Despair, Serenace)

This tape was also released as the Wars of Islam cassette.


SPK: Electric Ballroom, London, England 4/26/83 C-60 ©
(Ich Klage An (Euthanasia), The Kult of the Human Head, Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, Hopi Burial, Satori, Haiti, In The Dying Moments)

This show also exists as a video that I am still looking for.


SPK: Moles Club, Bath, England 7/29/83 C-45 ©
(Napalm 2, Walking on Dead Steps, Sandstorm Method, Metal Field, Metal Dance, The Kill, Will To Power)


SPK: The Elephant Fayre, Cornwall, England 7/30/83 C-45 ©
(Napalm 2, Walking on Dead Steps, Sandstorm Method, Metal Field, Metal Dance,
The Kill, Will To Power)


24 Hours of TG. London: Industrial Records, 1979. (IRC 1 - IRC 35, IRC A-B). Later also known as the Industrial Records Cassette Collection. Cassettes reissued by Flowmotion magazine sometime in 1982. The following information comes from The Industrial Records Cassette Collection order form (1979). "At long last we are in a position to make a considerable amount of material available on cassette. At this stage the catalog consists of a) the first ever published collection of TG sound entitled 'The Best of ... Volume 2' (this cassette was previously available in 1976 although only in very small quantities) and b) recordings of every live TG gig ever. IT MUST BE UNDERSTOOD that like the TG sound itself these cassettes cannot and should not be compared either in quality or in content with conventional live recordings. Methods of recording, recording quality and the way TG play differ greatly from gig to gig and because of this we have attempted under consultation with the group themselves to give each cassette a mark 'out of ten'. This mark is for what we consider to be best value for money both in terms of technical quality, content and interest, so if you only want one or two live tapes go for the ones with the highest marks. Also although two gigs are never the same two consecutive ones will be the most similar, so again if you only want a few don't get ones too close to each other. Also in the catalog we have included a listing of recognizable songs, but in any given tape if there are not many listed that simply means that the gig was mostly instrumental - on nearly all the tapes (apart from IRC2, 3, and 8) TG plays for close to an hour. Lastly we are making available a set of the first 24 hrs of TG in a special presentation box with various photos and so on, signed by the band themselves." Ref: Robertson, Sandy. 'Organic technology'. Sounds, 22 March 1980.

IRC A. Australian Radio Interview. JJJ Radio, Sydney, interviewer: Bruce Elder 1978. C-90.

IRC B. Australian Radio Interview. JJJ Radio, Sydney, interviewer: Bruce Elder 1978. C-90.

IRC 1. TG Best of ... Volume II. C-60 Mono inc. Very Friendly -- Scars of E -- Slug Bait -- We Hate You -- Dead Ed.

IRC 2. TG live at ICA, London. 18 October 1976. C-60 Stereo inc. Very Friendly -- We Hate You -- Slug Bait -- Dead Ed -- Zyklon B Zombie. 8/10. Ref: Parsons, Tony. 'But mutilation is so passé ...'. NME, 30 October 1976.

IRC 3. TG live at Air Gallery and Winchester. 6 July 1976 and 21 August 1976. C60 Mono inc. Dead Ed -- Very Friendly. 5/10.

IRC 4. TG live at Nags Head, High Wycombe. 11 February 1977. C-60 Mono inc. We Hate You -- Slug Bait -- Zyklon B Zombie. (40 min.) 5/10. Ref: Baldock, Keith. 'I wish I'd gone home'. Midweek, 16 February 1977, p. 8; Buck, Paul. Violation 74: Throbbing Gristle at the Nag's Head, High Wycombe, Bucks on Friday 11th Feb 1977. 3 page typescript.

IRC 5. TG live at Brighton Polytechnic. 26 March 1977. C-60 Stereo inc. Zyklon B Zombie -- Last Exit -- Maggot Life -- Mary Jane -- Record Contract -- One Note One Life One Purpose. (45 min) 3/10 (Fanatics only)

IRC 6. TG live at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton. 7 May 1977. C-60 Stereo inc. Industrial Introduction -- National Affront. 8/10.

IRC 7. TG live at Rat Club, London. 22 May 1977. C-60 Stereo inc. Tesco Disco -- Fuck Off Cunt -- £1.30 Wolverhampton -- Goldilocks and the Three Fingers. 6/10.

IRC 8. TG live at Highbury Roundhouse, London. 29 September 1977. C-120 Binaural Stereo inc. Hit by a Rock -- Blood on the Floor -- You Here Me Here. Note: same gig 'Binaural Version' on one side and 'Line' version on other. 6/10. Ref: Robertson, Sandy. 'Throbbing Gristle: Highbury Roundhouse'. Sounds, 15 October 1977.

IRC 9. TG live at Art School, Winchester. 11 November 1977. C-60 Binaural Stereo inc. Dead Head plus mainly instrumental. 7/10.

IRC 10. TG live at Rat Club in The Valentino Rooms, London. 17 December 1977. C-60 Binaural Stereo inc. White Christmas -- Tesco Disco -- Knife in My Side -- Urge to Kill -- Assume Power Focus -- Wall of Sound. 8/10. Ref: Anon. 'Rock'. Evening Standard, 16 December 1977, p. 30; Savage, Jon. 'Throbbing Gristle: Rat Club'. Sounds, 7 January 1978, p. 30.

IRC 11. TG live at Brighton Polytechnic. 25 February 1978. C-60 Binaural Stereo inc. E-Coli -- Anthony -- Why Does Carol Eat Brown Bread? -- He's My Friend -- Wall of Sound. 7/10.

IRC 12. TG live at Architectural Association, London. 3 March 1978. C-60 Binaural Stereo inc. Dead Ed -- Wall of Sound -- plus mainly instrumental. 7/10.

IRC 13. TG live at Goldsmith's College, London. 18 May 1978. C-60 Stereo inc. IBM -- It's Always the Way -- Hamburger Lady (first version) -- Dead on Arrival (first version) -- Wall of Sound. 9/10.

IRC 14. TG live at Industrial Training College, Wakefield. 1 July 1978. C-60 Stereo inc. IBM -- Family Death -- Cabaret Voltaire -- Industrial Muzak -- Hamburger Lady -- Slug Bait -- Mother Spunk -- Five Knuckle Shuffle -- Whorle of Sound. 9/10.

IRC 15. TG live at London Film-makers' Co-op. 6 July 1978. C-60 Stereo inc. IBM -- new After Cease To Exist soundtrack -- Hamburger Lady -- Mother Spunk -- Five Knuckle Shuffle. 7/10. Ref: Brooks, David (a.k.a P-Orridge, Genesis). 'Throbbing Epistle'. Sounds, 5 August 1978, p. 39; Gill, John. 'Sensory Overload'. Sounds, 15 July 1978, p. 34; Jaws. 'Ratbrain of the week: Fred Vermorel'. Sounds, 15 July 1978.

IRC 16. TG live at the Cryptic One Club (under Trinity Church), Bishops Bridge Road, Paddington, London. 11 November 1978. C-60 Stereo inc. Whistling Song -- Tesco Disco -- E-Coli -- High Note. 7/10. Ref: Morley, Paul. 'Imagine the Stranglers backwards ... (a compliment)'. NME, 18 November 1978.

IRC 17. TG live at Centro Iberico, London. 21 January 1979. C-60 Stereo inc. Persuasion -- Day Song -- Five Knuckle Shuffle -- Wall of Sound. 8/10.

IRC 18. TG live at Ajanta Cinema, Derby. 12 April 1979. C-60 Stereo inc. Weapon Training -- Eeh Ahh Oooh - Convincing People -- Chat Up -- Hamburger Lady -- Day Song -- Persuasion -- Five Knuckle Shuffle. 9/10.

IRC 19. TG live at Now Society, Sheffield University. 25 April 1979. C-60 Stereo inc. Weapon Training -- Convincing People -- Hamburger Lady -- Chat Up -- Day Song -- Persuasion -- Five Knuckle Shuffle. 8/10.

IRC 20. TG live at The Factory, Manchester. 19 May 1979, C-60 Stereo inc. Weapon Training -- See You Are -- Convincing People -- Hamburger Lady -- His Arm was Her Leg -- What a Day -- Persuasion -- Five Knuckle Shuffle. 10/10.

IRC 21. TG live at Guild Hall, Northampton. 26 May 1979. C-60 Binaural Stereo inc. Wall of Sound -- No Bones -- Ice Cool Down -- They Make No Say -- Hamburger Lady -- Day Song -- Saw Mill. 7/10 (last cassette to carry a score).

IRC 22. TG live at YMCA, London. 3 August 1979. C-60 Binaural Stereo inc. Convincing People -- Hamburger Lady -- Still Walking (first version) -- Persuasion -- Day Song -- Five Knuckle Shuffle -- Wall of Sound. Ref: Archer, Pete. 'Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire'. NME, 11 August 1979; Bohn, Chris. 'It's fun to play at the YMCA: Friday: Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Rema Rema'. Melody Maker, 11 August 1979, p. 23; Connelly, Chris. [Letter]. Sounds, 1 September 1979.

IRC 23. TG in the studio. Pastimes -- Industrial Muzak. C-60 Mono/Stereo inc. Previously unreleased studio recording. A side mono, B side stereo.

IRC 24. TG live at Butlers Wharf, London. 23 December 1979. C-60 Binaural Stereo inc. Gloria Leonard -- Six Six Sixties -- An Old Man Smiled -- Anal Sex -- Chariot and Galley. Ref: Anon. [Review]. Cool, no. 2, February 1980.

IRC 25. TG live at Leeds Fan Club. 24 February 1980. C-60 Binaural Stereo inc. Six Six Sixties -- Subhuman -- The World is a War Film -- Something Came Over Me -- Don't Do What You're Told Do What You Think. Ref: Des Moines. 'For the sake of formlessness'. Sounds, 15 March 1980.

IRC 26. TG live at Scala Cinema, London. 29 February 1980. C-60 Binaural inc. An Old Man Smiled -- Subhuman -- The World is a War Film -- Something Came Over Me -- Don't Do What You're Told, Do What You Think. Ref: Anon. 'Pro-plus'. Sounds, 15 March 1980.

IRC 29. Live at Goldsmith's College, London. 13 March 1980. C-60 inc. An Old Man Smiled -- Russ -- Subhumans -- Heathen Earth -- World is a War Film -- Don't Do What You're Told, Do What You Think. A side Binaural Stereo, B side Stereo.

IRC 30. TG live at Oundle Public School. 16 March 1980. C-60 Binaural inc. An Old Man Smiled -- Subhumans -- Heathen Earth -- Something Came Over Me -- The World is a War Film -- Don't Do What You're Told, Do What You Think -- Wall of Sound.

IRC 33. TG live at Sheffield University. 10 June 1980. C60 Binaural stereo inc. Heathen Earth -- Strangers in the Night -- We Said No -- Flesh Eaters.

Throbbing Gristle: The Best of Throbbing Gristle Volume 1, IRC0 C-60 ©

Private cassette, 1975. Instrumental only assemblage of early 1975 studio jams. According to P-Orridge, he and Tutti sent about 12 copies to mail art friends. The tapes were meant to be "played loud in a car whilst driving through the ghettos, factory areas, and malls of your town. We simply denied its existence as a deliberate strategy to fuel the ambivalent mystique of TG for what became 'fanatical/or compulsive fans'."

Throbbing Gristle: Beyond Jazz Funk, Heaven, London 12/23/80, Rough 009 C-60
(Invocation, Summoning, Rite of Death, Persuasion, Still Walking, Eclipse (for Tanith), Murder of thee Abyss, Tokyo Summer, Spirits Flying, Discipline, Termination)

Throbbing Gristle: The Kill, Triple X, X-1, w/booklet C-60
(Weapon Training, See You Are, Convincing People, Hamburger Lady, His Arm Was Her Leg, What A Day, Persuasion, Five Knuckle Shuffle)

This cassette released on the XXX label in the U.S. was a re-release of IRC #20. It was released with a booklet of collage pictures. It was a Limited Edition of 100 copies.

Throbbing Gristle: Assume Power Focus, Power Focus 01 C-60 ©
(Industrial Introduction, His Arm Was Her Leg, What A Day, Dead Ed, Last Exit, Propaganda, Sunstroke, Heathen Earth, Urge To Kill, Epping Forest, Persuasion)

Throbbing Gristle: Mission Terminated, Los Angeles 5/22/81 C-60
(Dimensia, Scorched Earth, Tangible, Carnality, Marriage carriage, Still Walking, Slam, Principia Disciplinia, Forbidden)

Throbbing Gristle: Nanavesh A-Z of T.G. C-60 ©
This tape also known as the 23 Drifts to Guestling" cassette consists of fragments and clips from various sources of Throbbing Gristle’s history and compiled together like a collage. A very interesting listen.)


Wire: SO36 Club Berlin 11/10/78 w/Mike Thorne and Bradford University 10/25/78 (aka Live '78) C-90 ©
(SO36 Club)
Indirect Enquiries, Men 2nd, Lowdown, On Returning, Being Sucked In Again, I Feel Mysterious Today, The Other Window, Mutual Friend, Former Airline, Mercy, Stepping Off Too Quick, Ignorance No Plea (I Should Have Known Better), Practice Makes Perfect, (Bradford) Indirect Enquiries, Men 2nd, Lowdown, On Returning //Being Sucked In Again, I Feel Mysterious Today, The Other Window, Mutual Friend, Former Airline, Mercy, Stepping Off Too Quick, Strange, Another The Letter, Sand In My Joints, French Film Blurred, Ignorance No Plea (I Should Have Known Better), Practice Makes Perfect, Reuters, 106 Beats That)


Wire: Graham's Tape C-90 ©
(Reuters, Field Day For The Sundays, Three Girl Rhumba, Ex-Lion Tamer, Strange, Brazil, It's So Obvious, Mannequin, Surgeon's Girl, Pink Flag, The Commercial, Straight Line, 106 Beats That, Mr. Suit, Lowdown, Feeling Called Love, Different To Me, Champs, Fragile, Underwater Experiences, Sand In My Joints, Used To, Another The Letter, Outdoor Miner // Practice Makes Perfect, Heartbeat, Marooned, From The Nursery, Being Sucked In Again, I Feel Mysterious Today, Mercy, 40 Versions (rehearsal), Eels Sang Lino, Cancel Your Order (Dome), Second Length (Our Swimmer)


Wire: Wire and Colin Newman C-45 ©
(Colin Newman unreleased single April 1983, on CN1) The Grace You Know, No Doubt, Wire, The Roxy London 1 April 1977, on BTC) New York City, After Midnight (J.J. Cale), (Wire CBGB's N.Y. July 1978) Men 2nd, Reuters, 106 Beats That, (Colin Newman w/Soft Option, Hurrah's N.Y. 28 Feb 1981) Fish Four, This Picture, Lorries, 5/10, Indians!, (Wire, The Roxy London Jan? 1977) Glad All Over (Dave Clark Five)


Wire: Essen, Germany 3/4/79 C-45 ©
(Another The Letter, Practice Makes Perfect, Two People In A Room, I Feel Mysterious Today, Being Sucked In Again, Blessed State, Question Of Degree, Mercy, A Touching Display, Underwater Experiences, French Film Blurred, Men 2nd, Heartbeat)


Wire: Not About to Die (Demo Boot) C-45 ©
(Save The Bullet (Oh No Not So), Culture Vultures, (It's The) Motive, Love Ain't Polite, French Film Blurred, Underwater Experiences, Stablemate, Options R, Indirect Enquiries, Used To, Being Sucked In Again, I Should Have Known Better, Once Is Enough, The Other Window, Not About To Die (Stepping Off Too Quick), On Returning, Former Airline, Two People In A Room)


Wire: Splash Club, Glasgow 12/22/85 C-90 ©
(TUNE-UP, Cheeking Tongues (sound check), Madman's Honey (sound check), Cheeking Tongues, Kidney Bingos (original version), Over Theirs, Madman's Honey, Ambulance Chasers, Advantage In Height, Come Back In Two Halves, Drill // Up To The Sun, A Serious Of Snakes, Advantage In Height


Wire: Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland 6/18/87 C-90
(Silk Skin Paws, Advantage In Height, Come Back In Two Halves, Cheeking Tongues, Madman's Honey, Ahead, Kidney Bingos, Over Theirs, Still Shows, // A Serious Of Snakes, It's A Boy, Drill, Up To The Sun, Ambitious)


Wire: I-Beam, San Francisco 6/29/87 C-90 ©
(Silk Skin Paws, Advantage In Height, Come Back In Two Halves, Cheeking Tongues, Madman's Honey, Ahead, Kidney Bingos, Over Theirs, Still Shows, A Serious Of Snakes // It's A Boy, Drill, Up To The Sun, Ambitious, Roadrunner)


Wire: Variety Arts Center, LA, CA. 7/1/87 C-90 ©
(Silk Skin Paws, Advantage In Height, Come Back In Two Halves, Cheeking Tongues, Madman's Honey, Ahead, Kidney Bingos, Over Theirs, Still Shows, A Serious Of Snakes // It's A Boy, Drill, Up To The Sun, Ambitious, Roadrunner (w/ Ex Lion Tamers), INTERVIEW (Colin and Graham, KSDT FM Radio, San Diego, March 1987, broadcast 5/21/87.)


Colin Newman: "Live"+ Rarities C-90 ©


Colin Newman: The Edge, Toronto, 2/25/81 + Wire Demos 1977 C-90 ©


Gilbert & Lewis: Rotterdam, "Lantaan" 4/9/83 w/Conservatorium Orchestra C-45
(Making A Meeting)


Various Artists:

Alchemy Soundtrack, Sterile SRC8

New Federalism

Notterosa/Rednight, Trax 0682

Rising from the Red Sand, Volumes 1 and 2

Sinn & Form, Datenverarbeitung

Feature Mist, Touch C-60

Standard Response, Sterile SRC01

The Final Unsound, C-90






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