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n u c l e u s::
anthony "tony" ramos

"RAMos," "tv303," "inter/active," "whitey"

primary responsibilities::
visual/interactive technician and conceptualist

turntable specialties::
minimal trax, retro+new-school electro, melodic techno, Detroit techno.

identifying quote::
"I'm working on it, I just don't have time...."

TONY RAMOS began using computers in 1981 at the age of 13, thanks to the public library system of Lorain, Ohio. After years of working with technology while listening to electro, hip-hop, and industrial dance music, Tony eventually ended up hanging out with the BODY RELEASE cru in 1993, doing visuals for the band and helping out in whatever way he could. He would become an originator of the ele_mental ideal--to present challenging, artistic, and fun electronic music events at a low price.

Tony has continued to contribute his time to ele_mental events on many occasions, setting up conceptual interactive areas such as "play rooms" with old computers and video games, computer-mediated environments such as live net connections, and visual enhancements such as live video feedback and film loops, always looking for new ideas to explore.




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