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selected moments in ele_mental history, goin' backwards...
tweaked 7 nov 01

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january 2004
· edward luna begins master's thesis on capoeira; also affiliates with capoeira mestre caboquinho of detroit

september 2003
· charles noel moves to long island
· geoff white moves to barcelona, spain

late 2003
· thomas james and titonton host the final PROCEED event

· todd sines moves to toronto, then NYC
· titonton returns to the ohio state university to pursue a double major in french and business
· MORE THAN MUSIC FEST cancelled, dego performs at dragonfly
· thomas james and titonton host a number of high-profile broken beat artists, including seiji, bugz in the attik, and sonar circle

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october 2001
· todd sines, titonton, and charles noel all featured at event in switzerland; continue selected european dates throughout november
· ele_mental's old core server finally dies, new core takes over
· COMPOUND 004 event features montreal's mitchell akiyama, with joshua treble
· thomas james featured on oct 18 betalounge

september 2001
· COMPOUND 003 features safety scissors
· GLYPH, a sublabel of the 21-22 corporation featuring exclusive tracks by archetype, releases GLYPH Ø (aka level 1211)
· geoff white's "questions and comments" album released on germany's force inc label

august 2001
· COMPOUND 002 features monolake
· titonton plays san francisco with john tejada
· ed luna plays w/ nortec in tijuana, mexico, and is featured on aug 9th betalounge
· first true "ele_mental wedding" takes place in portland; kevin ginger and mira abellera get hitched! many ele_mentals and friends are present, including best man charles noel, tony ramos, and ed luna, plus friends john tejada, moonstarr, dave cooper, and others

july 2001
· COMPOUND series begins with show by marumari

june 2001
· 21-22 corporation represents at barcelona's sónar festival
· ed luna performs set on toulouse's FMR (france)

may 2001
· ele_mental celebrates its 9th year with a simple site overhaul
· todd sines and titonton perform live at detroit electronic music festival, perhaps the highlight of their respective careers

april 2001
· citing lack of interest, flight event is grounded

january 2001
· ele_mental begins flight weekly event
· firexit ends its association with annex space

[ 2 0 0 0]

december 2000
· todd sines featured on dec 18 betalounge

october 2000
· lacking the will to do events in an environment of indifference, the ele_mental website becomes the group's primary meeting point and resource

september 2000
· firexit's sets up at ANNEX space, organized by matt clausen, opening with performance by germany's oval and stewart brown
· the 21/22 corporation releases kevin ginger's valence ep, and mike szewczyk's 1954 ep

august 2000
· firexit officially moves out of pink building
· tony ramos leaves columbus to join west coast ele_mental with kevin and mira

july 2000
· YOU ARE HERE is drew babson's ele_mental·inspred event, with PTR, bileebob, ambient room by door/way

may 2000
· two final events at pink building: FIREXIT 17, with several dance performances, toronto's PTR, and man-machine; and FIREXIT 16, with mouse on mars and chicago underground duo, plus installation art throughout the space

march 2000
· FIREXIT 15 features kit clayton, stewart walker, chessie, and the lack

january 2000
· FIREXIT 14 hosts revival of samuel beckett's "waiting for godot" by cleveland's charenton theater co
· titonton featured on jan 25 betalounge

[1 9 9 9]

december 1999
· first event at firexit's downtown pink building features trans am
, bender

november 1999
· firexit moves to pink building at 196 s grant ave, downtown columbus, a former flower shop + boarding house
· DARKSIDE 7 is culmination of ed's collaboration with gordon sharp, featuring break·core artists from praxis UK and noise artists from RRRecords; also marks last event at firexit's west side warehouse space

september 1999
· FIREXIT 12 features RJ·D2, IQU, jason traeger, "ele_ments of light" CD release
· 21/22 corp officially releases "ele_ments of light" CD compilation, and "destroy meaning" ep by archetype

july 1999
· FIREXIT 11 features bands the make*up, golden, water regular, zakiyyah, ele_mental DJs

may 1999
· firexit collective makes it onto cover of free local paper THE OTHER PAPER, with the caption: "KIDS MAKE THE DARNDEST ART"
· FIREXIT X features bands aloha and rapture, toronto's PTR, dance performances by philip meiring and chrys gee

april / june 1999
· ed coordinates ACTIVEnotPASSIVE events 7.0 and 8.0 with mara frazier and other OSU dancers, plus live musicians including tim ramage, matt bailey, mike richards, and matt lewter, resulting in most artistically successful events to date

march 1999
· FIREXIT 8 features most secret method, strangeloop

january 1999
· FIREXIT 7.0 features koostark, betaroric, fashion show by lei lee

[1 9 9 8]

december 1998
· FIREXIT 6 features film dutch harbor and music by david grubbs, ansee lake

november 1998
· ACTIVEnotPASSIVE 6.0 features debut of ed and tim ramage as angstrom and ramage, dance performances by mara frazier, kate connely, and tamara welch

october 1998
· FIREXIT 5 features band a minor forest
· DARKSIDE 6 is ed's first "post·ele_mental" event, in semi·collaboration with gordon sharp

september 1998
· FIREXIT 4 features titonton, kevin krahel, and mark gunderson, plus hardcore bands frotus and refused

august 1998
· firexit events take center stage, including ed and tony as primary contributors
· firexit group (matt clausen, dan mcmahon, jesse will, others) contacts ed and joins them in fusing art, music, and film at an industrial warehouse located on the near west side of columbus at 1229 mckinley ave
· 21/22 corp releases fourth and last volume of "trace elements" series, featuring archetype, valence, watertower, midi slut, and placebo

july 1998
· doug holmes moves into club promotions, titonton moves into self promotion, kevin kennedy moves to north carolina; leaving the core group of ed, charles, tony, kevin ginger, and kevin krahel
· kevin ginger and mira move to portland, oregon, marking beginning of ele_mental's west coast presence
· ele_mental moves into a very unfocused stage as a collective, but simultaneously opens its ranks to new artists or longtime friends, including j.r. gualtieri, andrew babson, andrew byrd, delcina pickering, michael guldan, and matt hostler
· ele_mental moves primarily into public appearances such as COMfest, gallery hop, and several targeted, group·coordinated events such as SNOWED*IN and SNOW*DAY

june 1998
· ed luna resigns / is resigned as unofficial head of collective, citing burnout and general disillusionment with the columbus music scene
· group simultaneously dissapates and redefines itself as a resource and "voice of experience" within the electronic music scene
· ed throws first all-toronto event in columbus, entitled TRANSPLANT, featuring dave cooper, moonstarr, adam marshall, crispin

may 1998
· twelfth and final ELE_MENT concert event, MAGNESUIM, features dac crowell, stweart brown, hesohi, and DJ sets by morgan geist and delcina

april 1998
· ACTIVEnotPASSIVE 5.0 features hip-hop oriented lineup including downtempo set by titonton, plus dance performance by tassy thompson and group
· ele_mental hosts reinforced record's ENFORCERS tour, featuring dego, stretch, rebel, and MC M.A.D. along with titonton, charles, and mira
· eleventh ELE_MENT concert event, SODIUM, takes place at the wasabi warehouse, featuring watertower, powerhouse, a reunion of 10-speed guillotine, and the columbus debut of detroit's DJ mike grant

march 1998
· 21/22 corp releases third volume of "trace elements" series, featuring dan curtin, titonton + morgan geist, dac crowell, and dego

[1 9 9 7]

december 1997
· james towning releases 2nd CD compliation, "adventures in modern recording," with todd sines, charles noel, mark gunderson, stewart brown, and many other local electronic music artists

november 1997
· tenth ELE_MENT concert event, NEON, takes place at the wasabi warehouse, featuring todd sines, charles noel, and titonton, plus appearances by DJs fierce and d knox

october 1997
· 21/22 corp releases "scalable architectures" ep by todd sines as cron
· ninth ele_ment concert event, FLUORINE, takes place at the grant/gay basement space, featuring daniel meyr gold, rich ratvasky, and moonstarr, plus appearances by DJs frankie gunns and kimyon

september 1997
· ele_mental takes part in wexner center's 1997 student open house
· ele_mental collaborates in METAMORPHOSIS rave, which turns out to be columbus' biggest-ever rave at over 4000 attendees; featuring rare live PA by dan curtin, plus DJs glenn underground, swamp, sho, and many more
· METAMORPHOSIS preparty, EMERGE, takes place at southside settlement house and hosts first appearance of detroit's DJ eclipse as UR's new DJ hostile (also marking UR leader mad mike's second appearance in columbus), plus DJs shiva, stephanie alarcon, others
· 21/22 corp finally releases second volume of "trace elements" series, featuring powerhouse, myungho choi, ihannoa, and titonton

july 1997?
· 21/22 corp releases "time dilation effect" ep by charles noel as archetype

june 1997
· ACTIVEnotPASSIVE 2 takes place at the southside settlement house

may 1997
· kevin ginger spearheads (PHYLOS) event, featuring live PA by ectomorph, plus DJ sets by stareyes, astro boy, moonstarr, dave cooper, and installation by (23)
· eigth ELE_MENT concert event, OXYGEN, takes place at knights of columbus meeting house, featuring neveron (feat birth's joe tomino), kevin ginger, aaron shinn, and chris jones, plus DJ rolando; UR's mad mike makes his first appearance at an ele_mental event

march 1997
· ed creates weekly monday night event, MENTAL, focused on downtempo / experimental music, which occurs uninterrupted until mid 1999, and is revived sporadically until spring 2000

[1 9 9 6]

october 1996
· sixth ELE_MENT concert event, CARBON, takes place at the southside settlement house, featuring titonton, charles noel, and todd sines, plus DJ appearances by toronto's dave cooper and the columbus debut of moonstarr

september 1996
· 21/22 corp releases first volume of "trace elements" series, featuring todd, charles, titonton, and chris jones; earning reviews in UK techno mags muzik and magic feet

august 1996
· fifth ELE_MENT concert event, BORON, takes place at a former fraternity house, with live performances by tony ramos, rich ratvasky, and mike poe

june 1996
· ed initiates ACTIVEnotPASSIVE series, intended to provide forum for ambient and experimental music; takes place at ohio state university's ives hall architecture building

may 1996
· =TRANS= event organized by tony ramos features dan curtin and shake
· ))JOIN(( event at BLD studio / warehouse at 400 east 2nd ave
· fourth ELE_MENT concert event, BERYLLIUM, takes place at ohio state univerity's ives hall, and features live performances by dac crowell, evolution control committee, and (23), plus DJ UFO! (san francisco)

april 1996
· doug holmes organizes the GENERATOR mega rave at the columbus convention center's battelle hall, featuring dave clark, t·1000, and woody mcbride

march 1996
· third ELE_MENT concert event, LITHIUM, takes place at cafe Q, with live performances by myungho choi, chris jones, and jeff central

[1 9 9 5]

november 1995
· second ELE_MENT concert event, HELIUM, features live performances by charles, titonton, and todd

august 1995
· first of ELE_MENT concert events, entitled HYDROGEN, is free and happens at a park shelterhouse; featuring live performances by rich ratvasky, andrew tweed, and a.mbience r.ecovery s.ystems; marking first use of ele_mental logo, a representation of the hydrogen atom
· second release by 21/22 corporation, another drum & bass ep by charles noel as fuzzy logic?!

july 1995
· the ele_mental webpage makes its debut, initially addressed at http://www.coil.com/~eluna/, then as http://ele·mental.coil.com/, until the www.ele-mental.org domain is registered in 1998

june 1995
· ed luna initiates table of ele_ments voicemail
· ed organizes an untitled experimental multimedia event with dan bell, paul johnson, and live performances by nearly everyone in the collective; event fails miserably, sending ed on a different path which is to culminate in conception of the ELE_MENT CONCERT SERIES
· ed compiles TEXT 1 ambient music tape compilation for 21/22 corp, encased in a hand·stitched cloth case

may 1995
· doug holmes organizes RED TEMPEST, featuring new york's late hardcore artist, nicki fingers

april 1995
· MANTRA is organized by ed luna and rajesh naik, featuring four rooms of sound including juan atkins, dan curtin, paul johnson, devil girl, dac crowell, and room full of old·school video games provided by tony ramos; proves to be one of ele_mental's most influential events

march 1995
· MINIMAL STATE is organized by kevin krahel, and features claude young, shake, paris + bileebob, and live performances by todd sines and charles noel

january 1995
· the 21/22 corporation's first 12·inch "reconnaissance" is released, featuring drum & bass music by charles noel as monochrome

early 1995
· planning begins on first true ele_mental "raves": MINIMAL STATE and MANTRA

[1 9 9 4]

· focus on smaller house parties and appearances in 2nd rooms at raves
· todd sines appears on a compliation entitled "elements of and experiments with sound," by carl craig's label planet e, marking the first appearance of an ele_mental on wax

[1 9 9 3]

late 1993
· edward luna initiates multimedia event entitled SNOW*BALL (named by titonton), which takes place in the future site of the clubs mekka and glow
· event features detroit's paris & bileebob, and brian gillespie
· stephen hindman (kingsize) and rich ratvasky (ihanooa) meet

oct 1993
· first DARKSIDE event, a small house party celebrating the dark music of london's reinforced label

late summer 1993
· body release plays last shows together, as band members begin focus on individual projects
· james towning's CD compilation "music for shopping" is released, with todd and charles' a.r.s. project, and many other local electronic musicians

june 1993
· group stages 2nd event, COMFORT, at an unused warehouse overseen by ohio state university; event marks first collaboration with detroit's paris mack (the black fu/ detroit grand pu bahs), john williams (bileebob), brian gillespie (twilight 76), and jon santos, along with toronto's dave cooper

may 1993
· ele_mental's first event, ELE MENTAL, that would eventually name the collective itself, takes place in a parking garage on the campus of the ohio state university after last-minute scramble to replace space offered by sculptor chris mohler; event marks the first appearance of titonton as a DJ, as well as one of charles' earliest apperances as monochrome, and also notables as dieselboy and rob engel
· event also brings together fellow artists and participants amy dubin, chris jones, stewart brown, and kevin kennedy

april 1993
· in planning stages of event, edward luna suggests the event be named "elemental," todd adds typographic space to emphasize "mental"
· sculptor chris mohler offers to allow the group to use his studio warehouse to stage multimedia rave/event

march 1993
· titonton debuts "zalocar," a multimedia work featuring string quartet, keyboards, and visuals by ed luna, at ACME art co

early 1993
· edward luna, tony ramos, dave miller, doug holmes, and kevin krahel all begin involvement

[1 9 9 2]

late 1992·early 1993
· body release plays at several raves throughout the midwest, and throws several notable house parties at 384
· todd and charles begin working as a.mbience r.ecovery s.ystems
· b|re crew is influenced by attending event featuring cybersonik (richie hawtin and dan bell) as well as journey through the hardcore 2 in detroit (feat. jeff mills, UR live, juan atkins, derrick may, etc.)

fall 1992
· body release crew moves into 384 e 17th ave half·double

summer 1992
· charles studies production at green st studios in NYC
· titonton buys his first reinforced record in toronto because he thinks the logo looks cool

early 1992
· body release plays various concerts throughout columbus, including notorious multimedia performance assault in ohio state university's student union in january, making first impact on columbus audiences

[1 9 9 1]

late 1991
· first body release performances, mixing music with multimedia, attracts attention of older electronic musicians such as mark gunderson and james towning

fall 1991
· charles noel joins as DJ and composer

late summer 1991
· todd meets titonton at columbus record store magnolia thunderpussy; titonton soon joins body release and practices begin

summer 1991
· todd sines and mike szewczyk move to columbus from cleveland area and begin musical collaborations, "body release" is named soon thereafter

[ 1 9 9 0 ]

summer 1990
· ed luna and titonton duvanté meet