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S A I D & D I D

post-media operators
musings from deep within the underground
from datacide, aug 1997

mad mike speaks
a passionate post by the leader of detroit's underground resistance
from the 313 list, feb 1995

hey man...smell my sample
a technological conversation with george clinton
from wired magazine, issue 2.08
, aug 1994

the roots of techno
dan sicko's conversation with juan atkins
transcribed from wired magazine, jun 1994

techno city
jon savage's evaluation of the history of cybotron
transcribed from the interface: the roots of techno compilation CD, sep 1993

machine soul
jon savage's history of techno
transcribed from the village voice, summer 1993

the history of house
by phil cheesman
from DJ magazine no. 8, apr/may 1993

techno! - the new dance sound of detroit
stuart cosgrove's liner notes for the essential detroit compilation
from virgin's techno! - the new dance sound of detroit compilation, 1988

emotions electric
john mccready's liner notes for the retro techno/detroit definitive compilation
transcribed from the retro techno/detroit definitive compilation emotions electric, july 1988, re-edit 1991

pierre schaeffer
tim hodgkinson's interview with the musique concrète innovator
transcribed from recommended records quarterly magazine, vol. 2, no. 1, 1987

ambient music
brian eno's ambient manifesto
taken from eno's ambient #1: music for airports, sep 1978

the future of music: credo
by john cage, from a 1937 lecture
taken from silence,1958

the art of noises
by luigi russolo, from a 1913 pamphlet
taken from kim scarborough's futurism site