C O R P O R A T E . R E P O R T
july 1999

the last year has been a quiet one for the corporation. after the relative failure of both of our TRACE ELEMENTS 3 and TRACE ELEMENTS 4 vinyl releases, which both sold only about 400 copies each, we made a tough decision to re-structure and downsize the company. however, in the meantime, we have prepared some excellent audio products for your consumption.

"in the pipeline"

ele_ments of light - CD compilation featuring several songs each by todd sines, titonton duvante, charles noel, plus contributions from DAC crowell, ihannoa, nu-era, and powerhouse. due out by end of august 1999. [join us for another release party saturday sept 11th at the 12th FIREXIT event, columbus]

more vinyl - 3 new 12-inch records are being pressed, including two to be released by charles noel as ARCHETYPE (level 1209 & 1211), and one release by kevin ginger as VALENCE (level 1210). all three highlight experimental minimal techno, and are due out by early october 1999.

take a look at last year's corporate report which includes a brief history of the corporation.

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